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Seacology - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

A nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with the sole and unique purpose of preserving the environments and cultures of islands throughout the globe. Our site includes a list of our island projects, current and past newsletters, breaking news and links to published articles regarding Seacology, information about the Seacology Prize, information about Seacology trips, and a library of photos from our projects around the world.

Geographic Location: USA

About Korea - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident award program.

Geographic Location: Korea

Jet Zone 2000 - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

This site is dedicated to military aviation photography. The main goal is to share my own and unique work with the world, combined with proper webdesign. All graphics, photos, design and coding is own work. There is not a single clipart or template used ! am.

Geographic Location: The Netherlands

Euromania - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

If you've ever wondered just what the Euro is, who uses it or what one looks like... (exhaustive Euro information with perfect graphical presentation) this is the place to visit: Euromania. You can view the Euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone.

Geographic Location: Naples, Italy

Tim's Spider corner - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Tim's Spider corner is an educational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature. You will find bird eating spider information, as well as an assortment of pictures, handling tips, resource links, a spider knowledge quiz, and the complete anatomy of a bird eating spider.

Geographic Location: Belgium

BV.Lindenheuvel - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

A site about the noble arts of the billiardsports, with a brief description of the history and different games, terms and rules. Also family and children safe rated by AS, RAU and TOTW.

Geographic Location: The Netherlands

The Adagio Awards - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

This site honors those who excel in web site design. The site is designed in tribute to the prima ballerinas and offers information on the ballet. Web design tips and services are also offered.

Geographic Location: Massachusetts USA

Eclipse Outdoor - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

A site by and for the outdoor pursuits community, with a wide range of articles, humour, multimedia and information on everything from walking to skiing, kayaking to climbing..

Geographic Location: England

Design Forward / Straw Bale Designs - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

An architectural design firm promoting the use of Straw Bale Construction, Green Building, Renewable Energy, and Modern Architecture.

Geographic Location: USA

Lazy Cat Records New Age Music and Meditation - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Presents New Age Music, guided meditations for deep relaxation, and Native American flute music. Listening enjoyment ideal for massage therapy and Spiritual enhancement.

Geographic Location: USA

Jazz Alley XG Midis - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Hosts only original xg midis by some of the best xg composers around the world.

Geographic Location: USA

Nature images by Juanvi Carrasco - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Spanish nature and wildlife photography by talented photographer, Juanvi Carrasco.

Geographic Location: Spain

International House of Reiki - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Site to educate the general public about the system of Reiki. The owners are Reiki researchers who continue to share with the Reiki community and prospective students.

Geographic Location: Australia

Daniele Jaquillard, a contemporary French Painter - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Original paintings of the contemporary French artist Daniele Jaquillard. who lives and creates in Mougins, near Cannes.

Geographic Location: France

The Art Of Herb Sellin - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

A Retrospective Exhibition of more than 600 Works of Art painted by Herb Sellin over a period of more than 30 years.

Geographic Location: Canada

Misa.no - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

Original artwork, poetry and photography by talented artist, Mona-Lisa Larsen

Geographic Location: Norway

3dfiction.com - Won the Gold Intention Award - 2004

take a breath out of the system with serdar camlica's 3dfiction artworks...

Geographic Location: Turkey

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