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Holistic Life Coaching - Credentials

Holistic Life Coaching for Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD Candidate offers sound professional credentials in coaching, fitness and nutrition training, healing, personal psychology counselling, relationship and career empowerment and all round wellness initiatives. She is a practicing registered nurse (with a BSN and MSN) and a longterm nursing faculty and program coordinator with expertise in several different areas of nursing and health promotion. June studied Personal and Career Coaching courtesy of Thomas Leonard, founder of
Coach University. June also worked with Thomas to create examinations and quizzes for credentialing fledgling coaches through Coach University in 1998. As well, she wrote Distinctionist definitions and the "Top Tens" site content for Thomas Leonard's Coach students.

June is currently completing her PhD in Curriculum Studies and Technology Education at the University of British Columbia. Her dissertation is focused on the dis/allowing of nursing informatics in education. She is also the Director of Communication for the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association, Editor in Charge of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Journal and Senior Managing Editor for the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics.

She continues to initiate and participate in projects and programs that help people bolster their healing intent, holistic integration, employability skills, technological abilities and global collaboration experience. She is also an expert in using various art venues (music, visual and written art) for healing and wellness. Not to mention helping people develop their intuitive, inner knowing and psychic abilities. She combines theory and principles from health promotion, millennial leadership, self empowerment, critical social theory, psychology, self-actualization, and dynamic holistic health and fitness to help create the best personal life coaching plan for YOU!

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